About Us

Digital & Trusted Logistic Company

We provide optimized Logistic Services which is a key factor of success to enhance your supply chain by offering integrated and customized logistics solutions.

Global Service

We plan strategically to provide our customer a complete solution above their expectations.

Local Service

We know the market and challenges so to bring the best possible solution in this dynamically evolving time Vmove Company take your pain and offer its best services which strengthen your supply chain.

Transparent Pricing

we strive to remain Cost effective providing unique combination of experience and services best suits our customer keeping in view the economic uncertainty and the fuel prices in this dynamic market.

Reliability & Punctuality

We are on time safely. We try to fulfill the promise made to our customer by encouraging our employees to be on time.

Our Vision

  • Digitalisation, sustainability, eco-friendly and expertly crafted reliable logistics solution.
  • To make our customers supply chain more efficient by offering integrated and customized logistics solution optimizing the resources keep in view the cost effectiveness.
  • Development of Human capital as technology cannot replace human rather amplify human capabilities.
  • To be Agile enthusiastic &innovative in providing logistics solutions.
  • To build and strengthen the trust our client put in us.
  • To strengthen our relationship with our business customers .

Our Mission

  • To strengthen our supply chain by offering integrated and customised logistics solutions
  • To help our client build and maximize sustainable competitive advantage.
  • To provide expertly crafted /reliable logistics solutions.
  • To assure that interaction to our clients will be driven by integrity and respect.
  • To go ecofriendly as we love our country.
  • To digitalize our solutions to bring transparency in our services.