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    Road Transport

    Our road freight services focus on both domestic and international movement of goods by land guaranteeing the satisfaction of our customers with cost-effective, reliable and on-time delivery solutions.

    All aspects of the transportation process including information exchange, management and operations are effectively and efficiently linked to offer our customers total flexibility and transparency.

    We transport cargo of different dimensions (height, length, width,weight and nature) such as raw material, Industrial Chemicals, LPG Gas, Oil, finished products, plant & machinery etc, to various destinations on well timed, reliable, committed and competitive terms.

    Customs Clearance and Door Delivery VMOVE receive your shipment at sea and air ports or directly from your warehouse, takes care of all clearance procedures or from your warehouse and delivers it to your customer’s location of convenience.

    Key features:

    1) Full-truck-loads (FTL) and Less than Truck Loads (LTL) services
    2) Full infrastructure at all border points- inter-country
    3) Finished goods distribution
    4) Pick & Pack
    5) Merge in transit
    6) Retail distribution
    7) Vendor managed inventory
    8) Return programs
    9) Total Supply Chain Solutions
    10) Break Bulk